eep all liquids away from your computer, especially laptops, Although they can be repaired, the amount of money paid out to do so will cause pain, so do this:

When you are working with your laptop, keep your drinks on another table or surface to the one your computer is on and go there to drink from it. I say liquids, because the list I have had to deal with is extensive.

• water

• cola or soda drinks

• wine

• beer

• tea

• coffee

• soup ( yes, you heard that!)

There is a popular idea that you pour rice into a laptop that has suffered a spill. I can tell you that this does not work. Rice is too hard to be able to absorb liquid quickly, so the best (instant) action to do, is shut it down,  keep your laptop screen open and turn it upside down, mopping it with a paper towel to pick up the liquid. Leave it upside down for a half hour or so. Use a hair dryer to attempt drying the keyboard. do this even if you think only a very small amount hit the computer. Most liquid goes in through the keyboard or the area at the back under the screen where the air is pulled in for cooling.

Because the laptops today are so tightly made, a liquid spill can cause damage to the following:

• logic board

• keyboard

• DC- In board ( used for charging the battery and supplying a charge to the computer)

• battery (especially newer models)